Sarah M. Holm

Art | Clothing | Leather

Black Spoke Leather Co. is a punk-inspired, unisex, hand-made leather goods atelier based in Minneapolis, MN, USA.  Using environmentally friendly practices and traditional saddle-making techniques, each piece is cut by hand from vegetable-tanned leather and colored using an ancient technique, vinegaroon.  Born from a need for a long-lasting, high-quality hip bag for bicycling, this brand has expanded to offer an array of artisanal accessories that are practical and fashionable with a simple, modern aesthetic and gritty undertones.

Black Spoke Leather Co. is owned and operated by Sarah M. Holm, who, after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Clothing Design, worked under her eponymous apparel label for 10 years.  She got hooked on leatherwork after creating a molded-leather, beetle-inspired corset/mask piece for a fashion show.  She spent the next year perfecting her craft and designs before launching Black Spoke Leather Co. in January 2015.