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Thank you, Renegade Brooklyn!!

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I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after a couple of weeks on the road.  After swapping my big, ol' truck for my parents' Prius (a lifesaver, with A/C, waaaay better gas mileage, and more than AM radio), I set out to traverse half of the country.  Although 16+ hours alone on the road is a bit draining (especially for someone who doesn't particularly like driving), I saw some beautiful scenery along the way and arrived in Brooklyn just in time to enjoy a walk in the rain. 

My primary reason for going to New York was to participate in my first Renegade Craft Fair!  If you haven't heard of Renegade, you can (and should) check to see if they are coming to a city near you.  Founded in Chicago in 2003 by a slew of makers, Renegade is the largest indie craft fair in the country, with an emphasis on the underground DIY culture,  a strong connection with the surrounding community, and a nicely curated selection of handmade goods, local eats, art installations, and fun activities.  

Here are some of my favorite makers from the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair:

Melissa Weiss Pottery  - Iron  + white rings pour over set

Melissa Weiss Pottery - Iron  + white rings pour over set

Based in Asheville, NC, potter Melissa Weiss makes amazing pottery out of clay that she digs up from her land in Arkansas.  After a long process of preparing the clay, she uses a variety of methods (wheel thrown, pinched, and slab constructed) to create the pieces and finishes them with her hand-made glazes.  I was drawn to her booth any time I left mine, falling in love with every piece, especially this pour over set!

Louve  - Wood and leather fringe necklace

Louve - Wood and leather fringe necklace

Louve Montreal is beautiful, minimalist jewelry made from salvaged wood and leather by designer Virginie Turcot-Lamarre.  I love the simple, yet bold and sleek statements that her jewelry makes and the unconventional materials used!  

YES PLS  - Wall vessels

YES PLS - Wall vessels

YES PLS makes slip-cast ceramic vessels to hold the things that you love, whether it is a plant, a peach or a smashed beer can.  I loved (and had to buy!) a cool little soap dish casted from a geode.

Lvnea  - Ghost pine parfum botanique

Lvnea - Ghost pine parfum botanique

LVNEA creates unique scents from essential oils, absolutes, plant extracts, floral waxes, and tree resins to evoke the primal smells of nature. Not only are they hand-made, all natural, and unisex, their branding is the coolest!


Beetle & Flor - Porcelain goat skull with 14k gold plated horns

Beetle & Flor - Porcelain goat skull with 14k gold plated horns

Beetle & Flor makes fabulous, incredibly detailed and realistic porcelain skulls with gold luster details.  With a background in illustration and model making for the Museum of Natural History in New York, maker Christine Facella creates these lovely pieces, teaches classes in mold making, and does branding and illustration for a variety of clients.