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random coolness

Random Coolness

Random CoolnessSarah M Holm

- I’ve been a bit absent from Black Spoke this year. Running a business when you are inspired by/drawn to other mediums can be tricky. I’ve decided that it is ok to pursue other creative endeavors, rather than choose one thing. Here’s what I’ve been doing lately: TRASH ART.

- MANY MOONS is a cool spiritual workbook by Modern Women that aligns you with the lunar cycle. The first 2019 volume hasn’t been released yet, but keep an eye on their website, or your favorite local witchy store to get your hands on it.

- Vintage clothing is the best, but even those that have worked in vintage and studied clothing history (like…ahem… this gal) need help with research sometimes. VINTAGE FASHION GUILD is my main go-to resource with all sorts of information, including the incredibly helpful “Label Resource” that helps to determine era based on designer labels.

- I started eating a vegan diet nearly a year ago (I know, I know… a vegan leather worker, what?!). I couldn’t have even thought of trying this lifestyle without raw cashew cheese from PUNK RAWK LABS.

- The Devo episode of 99% Invisible is 100%!

Random Coolness

Random CoolnessSarah M Holm

- These outer space photos from the HUBBLE telescope are amazing and free to print.

- If you need some denim repaired in Montana, or want to order a super cool vest or jacket, check out MAYDAY clothing repair.

- HALF BAKED HARVEST has some amazing food porn.  The snack tray that I made for my birthday bbq was based on their New Crudité Platter and was a huge hit!

- I love how NEMO'S incorporates surrounding elements into his street art, and how they change to reveal the truth underneath.

- I listened to almost all of the REVISIONIST HISTORY podcast in one sitting.  Episode 7: Hallelujah made me feel ok about being the type of artist that I am (a Cézanne, not a Picasso).

- BLACKBIRD RAUM's new album has been out for awhile, but I am still obsessed with it.  The collaboration of their song LAST LEGS with Leftover Crack on their new album: Constructs of State is pretty damn good.

Random Coolness

Random CoolnessSarah M Holm
You can't tell me that you haven't done this yet!!!  

You can't tell me that you haven't done this yet!!!  

-The SHELLAC concert this week was so, sooo good!

-I'm in love with these RUGS from Brooklyn Based: To Dodsfall.

-LILY GATINS is my newest style hero.

-My best bud and I decided this week to make sofas for ourselves.  We are starting to gather some inspiration HERE.

-I just want to buy all of the cutest clothing in the world for my new little niece and toddler nephew!  CAVALIER might just have the cutest I've come across in awhile.

-I noticed that the soles are coming off 3 (seriously, 3!!!) pairs of my boots.  I've been stalking MODERN VICE and SOLESTRUCK for my next victims.