Sarah M. Holm

Artist | Designer | Maker


Custom Work

Interested in getting custom clothing, leather goods, or art made? Here is a selection of some of my favorite custom projects from the past. Contact me in the form below to inquire about working together to make your custom creation dreams come true!


Custom Leather

Over the course of 3 years, I created 3 different Pride outfits for my client Larry. Click through to see more custom leather work.


Custom Clothing

I paired up with L’assassins, a local surf/garage rock band, to design and create these semi-matching outfits, highlighting each members individual style and badass vibes. Click through to see more custom clothing.


Custom Art

For the Strange Girls Never Die art exhibit and community altar at Glitter Box N.O., artists were asked to create art inspired by the Strange Girls that came before us”. I designed this sticker to celebrate the “punk poet laureate” Patti Smith. Click through to see more custom art.

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